6 Game for Crawling Babies

My naughty little one is in the speed crawling stage. She can stand, climb onto the couch and go up/downstairs. But no walking yet. With a little creativity, you can keep your crawling little ones busy, entertained, and having lots of fun without breaking the bank for parents!

After a bit of study, some trial and error, and a little creativity, here are our favorite crawling-baby activities that are simple, fun and 100% baby approved.

Games for crawling

1. Play with toys

Softballs, especially ones with a bell inside that chimes when rolled, are great for encouraging your baby to ‘chase’ after them. Likewise, you can encourage this with a push-along-toy that you roll in front of your baby and then praise her for attempting to reach it.

2. Build a tunnel

Coax your little one into scampering through a tunnel by opening the two ends of a cardboard box. You can also roll a ball through it and encourage her to follow it.

3. Entice her with textures

Toss some different textures on the floor, such as a soft sheepskin, a rubbery bath mat and some scrunched up paper and encourage her to explore them.

4. Play crawl chasing

Get down on all fours with your little one and crawl away from her, encouraging her to come after you.

5. Make a pillow course

Throw some cushions and airy pillows on the floor and your little mover will delight in trying to crawl over them.

6. Play find the toy

Encourage your baby to get moving by hiding a favorite toy in an obvious spot she can see and letting her crawl towards it to ‘find’ it. Give her lots of praise for trying to do so.

My baby isn’t crawling?

If your baby isn’t a crawler yet or has decided it just isn’t for her, try not to panic. All babies develop in their own time. Also, while it’s considered normal for some babies to skip crawling altogether, if your child is over a year old and you’re concerned about her lack of crawling, seek advice from your GP.

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