Best Puzzles for Toddlers to Help Their Minds Take Shape

BABY puzzle

 Best Puzzle For Teaching Shapes:
1. Feeling puzzled trying to find ways to actively engage your little one while working to disconnect them from digital devices and electronic toys? Time to try some fun toddler puzzles. From toddler name puzzles to floor puzzles and wooden puzzles with fun geometric shapes, there’s something in this round up your tot is sure to love.
2. These beginner brain-building activities are designed to challenge and entertain your tiny tot, but they also offer many other benefits. For starters, puzzles build confidence and a sense of achievement. They also help children develop fine motor skills beginning at age 1, and strengthen hand-eye coordination and stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Little ones will begin to distinguish colors and shapes early on while later learning letters and numbers.
3. When trying to decide which puzzle is best for your babe, start with the basics before moving on to puzzles with multiple pieces that are better suited for older kids. Consider sturdy, shape-sorting wooden puzzles with big pieces designed for little hands, flexible foam puzzles and floor puzzles recommended for older toddlers ages 3 and up. As for choosing a puzzle theme — well, there are so many that the possibilities are endless! Whether you have a dinosaur-loving little one or a toddler obsessed with cars, princesses or Baby Shark, we’ve pieced together a roundup of fun puzzles to challenge young minds to see the bigger picture.

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