Space Saving Baby Products

How many times have you thought; how can such a tiny human need so much stuff? We totally hear you! When preparing for your little one’s arrival it’s easy to create quite a lengthy wish list and some of the items on that list are pretty large. If you’re worried about how all of this is going to fit inside the four walls of your perfect but already full home then we’ve got the perfect answers. With a little bit of research and some clever innovation from our favourite brands, we’ve got some super handy space-saving ideas and products to help you regain some of your precious space in your home.  

Phil & Teds Lobster Highchair

A conventional highchair can take up quite a lot of space round your dinner table and kitchen. For this one we think it’s fun to think outside of the box and go for the Phil & Teds Lobster highchair. It’s the lightest and most compact high-chair around. The idea is simple, this highchair attaches to most tables and work spaces easily for dinner time, and then can just as easily be removed and stored away when feeding time is over and to keep your space tidy. Plus, with it’s compact size and fold, it easily fits into handbags and buggy baskets to take on the go too.

Space Saving Baby Products

Babymoov Travelnest

Discover the ultimate 2-in-1 product from babymoov; a carrycot AND a changing bag. Whilst this is ideal for on the go and family travel, the Babymoov Travelnest is also the perfect space saving product for your home. If you don’t have much space in your living room and want a safe space for your little one to nap in the day, or even a space for them to sleep at night in your room but have limited space, this could be the answer to all your needs.

When used as a carrycot, it has a very comfortable removable mattress as well as high sides to keep baby safe while they sleep. The two large handles are cleverly designed to make it easy to transport the carrycot without waking your little one. The Travelnest is ideal for providing somewhere to sleep for daytime naps or when visiting friends and can be used as a carrycot from birth until baby can turn over unaided. Then simply fold it up into the handy stylish changing bag for easy storage and to remove any clutter from your home when not needed.

Space Saving Baby Products

Space Saving Baby Products Babybjorn Bouncer

A rocker or a bouncer is a popular parenting must have to offer somewhere for your little one to lie and bounce away whilst they look at the world around them, plus they mean you can have your hands free for once! However, there are some styles out there that quite frankly are huge and would take up a lot of space in your home. We recommend choosing a bouncer than isn’t big in size, but that can also be folded down for easier storage. We love the Babybjorn bouncers, they are all super stylish and would fit in most home decors thanks to their muted colour tones, but they also fold flat after use.

Space Saving Baby Products

Gb Pockit+

When most parents are choosing their pushchair they think of features like; Does it have an easy fold? Can it be used from birth? How much is it? But a question that is just as important is how big is it? For one, once it is folded it needs to be able to fit in your boot for when you’re on the move, but also it needs to be able to be stored in your home easily without taking up all the space in your hallway. This is where compact strollers really come into their own and can offer you huge space saving opportunities. There are so many compact strollers on the market that you will be spoilt for choice once you start researching. Ultimately they all have the same concept; to be small and lightweight, therefore answering all your space saving needs. But we have a little soft spot for the gb Pockit+, purely for its super small size once it is folded (you've got to see it to really believe just how small it can fold up). The compact folded package of your pushchair can fit anywhere, in the smallest car trunks, under a train seat or in valuable storage space at home.

Space Saving Baby Products

Boori Turin

Have you always dreamed of the nurseries that you see on Pinterest with the gorgeous grand wooden cribs, but your nursery is somewhat lacking on space? The Boori Turin cot is here to help you achieve your Pinterest worth nursery thanks to its compact size. The Boori Turin has been designed to be slightly more compact than a standard cot to offer parents a more space saving cot solution for smaller nurseries. Plus, it’s lightweight and can fit through door frames thanks to it’s handy wheels, meaning you can move it round the house if you were looking for a bedside sleeper too. Then when the time comes it can be wheeled into the nursery, where it will last until your little one needs a toddler bed.

Space Saving Baby Products

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