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Baby Wet Wipes Heating Dispenser


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wet wipes dispenser
  • Wrap-around heating, uniform temperature, wrap-around heating is better than bottom heating and top heating.
  • The bottom heating will make the last part of the wipes brown, and the top heating device can only heat a few wipes.
  • No more hassle with boiling water to warm the wipes when changing diapers for your baby.
  • Energy-saving: 1 kW consumed in 84 hours.
  • Put the entire pack of wipes in to avoid contamination.
  • Accommodates baby wipes of various sizes.
wet wipes dispenser
  • TAKING THE JOLT OUT OF COLD BABY WIPES - Cold wipes shock a baby’s sensitive skin, making your baby irritable and fussy. Warm wipes soothe and calm your baby, especially during late-night changes!
  • GUARANTEED TO ALWAYS STAY MOIST - Innovative silicone seal locks in moisture and heat, preventing wet wipes from drying out and turning brown. The TOP-HEATED DESIGN cleverly keeps the wipes at the top of the box the warmest.
  • BUILT-IN CHANGING LIGHT softly illuminates the changing table so you do not have to turn on the bright lights of the room during a late-night diaper change. The night light will automatically shut off in 10 minutes.
  • HIGH CAPACITY CASE HOLDS ALL WIPE BRANDS - Store up to a week’s worth of your favorite diaper wipes. The universal container does not require any specific type of wipe, including flushable wipes.
  • ULTIMATE SAFETY: Includes a low voltage power adapter for safety. Simply plug it in and start warming. AC 100-240V/DC-12V, Ranted Power-12W. Low voltage and safety fuse keep you safe.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Comes in an attractive gift box perfect for baby shower. It's the must-have baby accessory every nursery needs.

wet wipes dispenser

Product Name: Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser
Material: ABS, PP
Heating method: surround heating
Voltage: DC12V
Power: 12W
Size: 26 * 14.5 * 11 CM
Weight: 1.1 KG

Package: 1 * Wet Wipes Dispenser

wet wipes dispenser

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