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Mini Touchless Alcohol Dispenser Infrared Auto-Induction


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alcohol dispenser

【Touchless Hand Washing】: With an Intelligent infrared induction design, Bcway alcohol dispenser can reach out and spray out the atomized solution(such as alcohol) from sterilizer automatically without pressing. Touchless Hand Washing makes your hand almost handsfree, cleaner, safer.
【Type-C USB CHARGING】: Equipped with Type-C USB cable to charge the device, much more environmental protection than AA alkaline batteries. When you turn on the alcohol dispenser with green light, it means the product with low power, and please charge it, it will be filled in 3 hours and it can be used for one week.
【Intelligent Chip Control】: Auto infrared induction makes the sprayer quickly convert alcohol into the spray in 0.25 seconds. It can make effective comprehensive disinfection at the same time. Made of ABS material, it's safe and energy-saving. Leak-proof design, safe to use. USB rechargeable battery has long standby time and will automatically shut down after 24 hours. The alcohol hand sprayer can be used for 3-5 days on a single charge.
【Widely Used】: Nano atomizing holes make it easier to disinfect and sterilize. The automatic alcohol sterilizer is suitable for families, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels, shopping malls, factories, and other public places.
【Easy to carrying & Use】: Adopting a transparent bottom case, we can monitor the solution usage at any time. The bottle and sprayer can be removed and separated for easy filling and cleaning. Press the power button to turn on shortly (blue light is on); Press the switch twice to turn off. Rope design, hang freely. Lightweight and compact alcohol dispensers can be easily put into handbags. Easy to use, easy to carry.

 alcohol dispenser

1 Contactless hand washing and disinfecting

The automatic infrared induction design is used to reach alcohol and spray automatically. The hands can be washed without squeezing to avoid contact throughout the process.

2 Fast sensing & Large capacity design

The alcohol sprayer can automatically convert alcohol into a spray in 0.5 seconds. With a transparent material, you can clearly see the remaining amount of alcohol. The automatic alcohol sprayer can be used up to 50,000 times.

alcohol dispenser

Mini Ccontactless Disinfection Dispenser

Touchless Hand Washing makes your hand almost handsfree, cleaner, safer
  1. Wet the sponge stick before use;
  2. If the amount of mist is small, you can try to loosen the bottle
  3. Please pour into 70%(or more) alcohol solution (alcohol not include), do not pour the unwater-based solution.
  4. Please do not smoke or ignite to avoid fire, when using the sprayer.
  5. Do not use it under a strong light to avoid sunlight affecting the infrared sensor.

Input: DC 5V/1A
Frequency: 108KHZ
Current: 500mA
Electronic conversion efficiency: ≥ 90%
Induction distance: ≤12cm
Size: 77*55*91mm
Bottle Capacity: 45ml
Weight: 150g

1.Alcohol dispenser*1
2.Type-C USB cable*1
3.User manual *1

alcohol dispenser

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